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You can either choose one of our following sample tour programs or we can help you create your own custom itinerary.

1. Walk in the Old Town of Tallinn

At the junction of 5 medieval streetsWe will walk from cruise port to the gate of the Old Town, it takes 10-15 minutes. Or if you are staying in Tallinn we’ll pick you up at your hotel. Of course we can pick you up at any other location – airport, bus station, rail station, terminal buildings of such companies like Tallink, Viking Line, Eckerö Line, Linda Line, St. Peter Line.

Old Tallinn is neatly divided into two distinct areas – Lower Town and Upper Town (Toompea or Cathedral Hill). A sightseeing tour of Lower Town includes the Great Costal Gate, St Olaf Church, merchant houses, Transfiguration Church and of course city wall. All around the Old Town and Toompea are defense fortifications of towers and walls and other sights. In fact, by the 16th century, Tallinn’s defense system was one of the most powerful in Northern Europe. Have a look at some of these fortifications. Now it is time to head up to Toompea (Upper Town or Cathedral Hill). Experience the panoramic views from the hill. You will stroll through the narrow cobblestone lanes to the Dome Church. This church is otherwise known as St. Mary’s Cathedral and is one of the oldest churches in Estonia first time built nearly 800 years ago. En route you will see noble buildings. Some other major sights in the Upper Town: impressive Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky and Toompea Castle which is made up of several parts. Next we descend to the Town Hall Square in the Lower Old Town. Town Hall Square is central and most important square in the Old Town. We finish our tour in front of the Gothic Town Hall built in 1404.

If time permits we can include additionally the well-survived Gothic guild houses (the Great Guild Hall), the Holy Ghost Church with the unique street clock in Tallinn, Long Leg Gate Tower and St. Catherine's passage where you can observe craftsmen at work in the various workshops. After the tour free time for shopping and for a rest (lunch). Of course you are free to take a break from the tour at any time. We are flexible. Transfer or walk back to the port or your hotel. Or we can an drop you off at any other location of your choice.

2. Panoramic Tallinn – Outside and inside the medieval walls

Wandering in TallinnWe offer this combined walking and driving Tallinn tour for cruisers traveling in the Baltic sea and our other visitors in order to discover the most attractive and interesting sights outside and inside a medieval city. Our sightseeing tour starts with a drive through city center viewing Estonian National Opera, the National Bank, Liberty Square, Viru and Solaris shopping centers, National Library, St Charles Church and after a short drive you can see beautiful Kadrirog park and not very large, but lovely summer palace built by famous Russian czar Peter the Great nearly 300 years ago. Optional stop to walk in the park and in the palace garden. If time permits our sightseeing tour continues to the Song Festival ground and to Pirita. Song festivals have been a vital source of emotional energy for Estonians. Singing together, people have felt the strength to persevere and stand up for themselves in difficult times. Our sightseeing tour through Pirita district will feature ruins of St. Bridget's Convent (was largest nunnery in medieval Estonia), TV Tower, Olympic Yachting Centre, Tallinn’s most famous cemetery, Metsakalmistu and other. Drive back to the city center to begin walking tour in the Old Tallinn (see the section above for details). Afterwards free time for leisure and shopping. Transfer or walk the port or your hotel. Or we can an drop you off at any other location of your choice.

3. Outside and inside the medieval walls of Tallinn with a short visit to the countryside

Kadriorg park is a nice, relaxing break from the Old TownCity tour with countryside (with optional lunch at the farm or a picnic). A partial list of sights to see in the countryside depending on the length of the tour: manorial architecture and estate houses, old churches and chapels, villages and settlements, waterfall(s), nice seashore areas, lovely marinas, relaxing Estonian bogs and forests, new developments, neighborhoods from Soviet era (for example summer cottages) and traces of communistic collective and state farms, ancient graveyards, fort hills, medieval fortificiations and their remains.

4. Grand Tour of Tallinn

Rhythm of modern architectureThe most complete private sightseeing tour of Tallinn to discover the city with its wide variety of different sights and areas. The tour gives you a chance to travel through various city districts, among them most prestigious and less prestigious ones. You will discover areas with old, traditional wooden buildings and neighboroods of single family houses, also districts of various Soviet style apartment blocks. We can stop in Stalin style courtyard and learn about Stalin heritage in the city, we can walk on some of our sandy beaches ( do not be surprised- we have nice beaches in the city !) or we may have a break on the top floor of modern skyscraper, we can drive through popular suburb areas of the city and we always can combine sightseeing with frequent stops to visit local markets, shops and malls, we can make stops to take pictures or we can plan time for local cafes / restaurants away from main tourist routes.

5. Tour around Tallinn city

Marina in EstoniaA half day or full day driving tour outside Tallinn combined with frequent stops and short walks offers possibility to admire nice seashore areas,cliffs, waterfalls, small towns and villages, estate houses and other sights and to experience lifestyle outside the capital area.

6. Trip to Helsinki or private tour / shore excursion of Helsinki

Historical Porvoo is a small charming townHelsinki is located some 80 km/50 miles away. The ferry drive to to Finnish capital takes only 2-2,5 hours. It is possible to pick you up right in Helsinki and to give you a private tour of Finnish capital, side trips (for example lovely small town Porvoo 55 km from Helsinki) are possible too. In that case no need to meet in Tallinn, we will meet you in Finland and we can stay with you in Finland during your entire visit. It is possible to organize layover or stopover tour of Helsinki or other areas of Finland for people having a lay / stop between flights. We can pick you up at Vantaa airport, drive to the city takes approximately half hour. Few hours is enough to see major sights of Helsinki. If you have more time we can do more complete tour to discover Finnish capital and its surroundings. So our tour can be tailored to the time between flights or to your limited time in Helsinki area.

7. Side trips and transfers from / to Tallinn

Many visitors to Tallinn never set foot outside Tallinn. Understandably so, with so much to see in the city.

As Estonia is a small country and so there are many towns and areas within reasonable driving distance of Tallinn that are filled with worthwhile attractions and sights.

You can either visit some of national parks such as Lahemaa national park (visitor center in Palmse manor lies 80 km / 50 miles from Tallinn), second largest city Tartu (190 km/ 120 mi from Tallinn) with best university in the Baltic states or Pärnu, most popular resort town in Estonia If you wish to discover our islands, consider going to Saaremaa with Kaali meteorite crater and the best preserved medieval castle in the Baltic region (from the 14th century). You can also visit the coastal area of Lake Peipsi (5th largest lake in Europe), charming small town Viljandi, the spectacular Narva castle (Narva is a border town 215 km/ 140 mi from Tallinn) and other areas. More remote destinations are possible too. We can talk about trip / private transfer from Tallinn to Riga 300 km/200 miles (capital of Latvia), Vilnius 600 km / 400 mi (capital of Lithuania), Warsaw 1000 km/ 700 mi (capital of Poland), Berlin 1400 km / 800 mi etc. So Tallinn is a good point to begin or to finish longer tour covering all three Baltic states- Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or their neighboring countries.Windmill

8. Jewish heritage tour in Tallinn

No need to translateWith this tours we will show you the same sights as in our normal tours, but we also put emphasis on the sights related to Jewish history in Tallinn. The process of permanent Jewish settlement in Estonia began in the 19th century. Pre World War II Estonia had about 4,500 people who identified themselves ethnically as Jewish. The Jewish population of Estonia is now about 1,500. But Jews have played certain role. Jews participated in the Estonian War of Independence with 68 volunteers and 110 mobilized soldiers. Notable Jewish people in Estonia: Karl Morgenstern - the first director of Tartu University Library, Yuri Lotman- one of the most well-known scientists in Estonia- a literary and semiotics scholar, Simon Levin- an outstanding lawyer, Adik Levin- a popular pediatrician, Eri Klas- a conductor of Jewish ancestry, he was also a musician, public figure, promote and tribune of culture, Eino Baskin-an actor and many other.

We can consider different sights for your tour: visit to the synagogue and or Jewish community center, sites of former synagogues and pray houses, Jewish cemetery, Jewish memorial stones and monuments.

9. Accessible tours for visitors with limited mobility

People have said:
- Tallinn's old town streets are cobbled and very uneven and mostly on a slope.
- Tallinn old town is very difficult because of the cobbles and steep terrain.
- I would definitely recommend not trying Tallinn with a wheelchair.

After reading this Tallinn can seem like an impossible mission. We are not agree with this because we can make Tallinn accessible. We provide tours of Tallinn and other aforementioned areas for slow walkers and wheelchair users, along with those who would accompany them. We can bring you to all most famous sights outside medieval walled area. We can drive you around in the Old Town as well to see the most historic historic district inside ! Of course many of the old buildings in the Old town are not accessible because of stairs. But we can check out the churches, merchant houses, noble buildings, fortifications, and other old structures, and enjoy the view from the outside. You can also visit some of these buildings, but a short walk and taking some steps is required. As the the main square and some streets are located in pedestrian area, we can not drive there and so a wheelchair is needed, but we can use the sidewalks for smoother rolling to see the Town Hall square and joining streets. If that area is not so important we can drive around in certain areas of the Old Town by car or van without need to push the wheelchair. So you can experience the Old Town to understand why it is so popular and unique urban territory. Tallinn is not an impossible mission. On the contrary we hope you will enjoy very much your day in our capital.