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Historic towers in the Old TownLarge tour companies fix their prices (except for occasional promotions) until they change them and it is logical- they are dealing with standardized tours.Due to number of tourists, specific tours and their requirements, as well as any additional services required, we cannot quote fixed prices. Our prices vary based on activities you wish to pursue and by the size of your party: But we try to be flexible in best accmodating your needs and so we try to be flexible in pricing too. For example various discounts are available including early payment discounts, multi tour discounts (after you book the first excursion, any additional bookings will receive a discount), special rates for children and other. Contact us with your specific needs and a non-binding quote will be quickly provided.

About us

Ahti Arak Tours is owned and operated by native Estonian historian and former history teacher Ahti Arak. We commenced our activities in the summer of 2000, offering tour guide services in a small southern Estonian town of Viljandi; but given the needs of our visitors, we soon expanded our business to Tallinn. A bit later, we began to provide our services throughout Estonia. Currently, our tours include Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, but we have provided our services in Belarus, Poland and Kaliningrad oblast (Russia), Germany as well. Ahti Arak Tours is registered in Estonian Commercial Register, No. 10789460, and in the register of tour operators and travel agencies within the Ministry of Economic Affairs, No. RK0202.

Contact us

Ahti ArakIf you need any additional information or want to reserve a tour, please contact us
Ahti Arak, mobile phone:+372 53 420 361
Ahti Arak Tours
PO Box 937, 13402 Tallinn, Estonia, or
Ploomi 30, 71017 Viljandi, Estonia
We are looking to hear from you. There’s a lot to see in Tallinn and Estonia !