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Viru Street leads you to the Old TownDiscover Tallinn and Estonia in the way you like ! If you are looking for private guide, private tours, shore trips, shore excursions, or things to do when visiting Tallinn and Estonia we may be what you are looking for. We offer custom private tours and shore excursions of historic and contemporary Tallinn and the surrounding areas. Whether you want just a brief, few hours tour or an all-day adventure, we can design that tour to your requirements. Our tours are tailored to our guests' needs and interests. Our goal is to show you not only the most interesting spots, our private tours and shore excursions can range from exploring busy inner city life to exploring less-visited areas and intriguing niches off the beaten path that are inaccessible to more commercial tour groups. We want to introduce you to authentic experiences, and generally give you the insider’s tour with individual attention.

About Tallinn

Mother and daughterAnd a relaxing day in TallinnTallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. Tallinn is truly one of the gems of Northern Europe. The Old Town of Tallinn has been astonishingly well preserved and was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. The unique value of Tallinn’s Old Town lies first and foremost in the well-preserved completeness of its medieval milieu and structure, which has been lost in most of the capitals of Northern Europe. All the most important public buildings and churches, as well as many merchants' houses, along with barns and warehouses from the medieval period have been preserved in their basic original form.

But not only is the Old Town worth visiting. New or refurbished buildings of the Tallinn “City” are represent the modern face of the town – up to date office buildings, banks, high quality hotels, shopping centers, apartment buildings etc. Kadriorg park is one of the largest and most historical parks of Estonia, it lies just few miles /kilometers from the Old Town. The park contains a masterpiece of Baroque era architecture – the Kadriorg Palace built by Russian czar Peter the Great. Pirita is is one of the most popular residential areas in Tallinn. Olympic marina and Convent of St. Brigitta (in ruins) are most poular sights in that area. Hundreds of old wooden houses in traditional style can be found in Kalamaja (Fish House), Kassisaba (Cat's Tail), Pelgulinn (Shelter Town) and other former historical suburbs. And that list of sights and interesting areas is not complete at all, it can be extended. Due to dramatic history, the city is full of contrasts and this diversity makes Tallinn attractive to regular visitors, tourists and also to Baltic sea cruise passengers.

Private tour / private shore excursion vs. ship excursion / scheduled sightseeing tour

Traffic jamThe advantage of doing a private tour or private shore excursion that is conducted at your own pace, that visits the sights that interest only you and that gives you the freedom and flexibility to change the itinerary anyway you wish. A ship tour does not give you that liberty. Besides tour groups usually go by the same crowded itineraries.

Many cruise ships call on Tallinn. Our capital receives over 300 calls per cruise season with some 500.000 passengers from 150 countries. On peak-days 9.000-10.000 Baltic sea cruise passengers could arrive in Tallinn. But we can not forget other visitors. Large ferries carrying up to 2.000-3.000 passengers bring tourists from Helsinki every day. Tallinn and Estonia became again beloved destination for visitors from Russia. More people and more people in Western Europe have discovered our capital. According to Statistics Estonia, in 2016, more than 3 million domestic and foreign tourists stayed in accommodation establishments.

Our routes differ, so we also are able to visit areas and attractions without the crowds.

So why not escape the crowds and let us take you on a private Tallinn shore excursion or Tallinn private tour to discover Tallinn as most visitors never experience. We make exclusive stops not offered by other companies. We provide many wonderful photo opportunities.You have choices and options not available anywhere else.

Shopping, eating and free time in Tallinn

A busy day in TallinnOutdoor cafeFree time is very often natural part of our private tours and shore excursions. People need enough time to enjoy the markets, shops, cafes, restaurants and just wander around on their own. Tallinn is a delightful city to hang out. We have lots of little cafes and shops and great shopping can be found throughout the Old Town. Tallinn is known for woven goods, linen items. Tallinn offers good deals on Baltic amber.Sometimes it seems amber is the main product in Tallinn.

We have several outdoor markets, among them Sweater Wall Market by the Viru Gate selling local craft items – especially woolen hats, socks, capes, jumpers. And of course we have large shopping malls outside the Old Town, closest of them lies right in the city center.

Tallinn is full of restaurants and bars with a wide choice of cuisine. Most of the city's restaurants are clustered in and around the Old Town. Do not forget our cafes in the city. The lovely cafes are always filled with delicious smells of good coffee and the sweet aroma of fresh pastry and cakes which make these places difficult to pass.

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